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| Nicole Mercieca

Bento Boxes vs Lunch Boxes - What’s The Difference?

You might have many unique lunch ideas ready to be packed away for you, your partner or your kid to enjoy. But what is the best container to use? Bento boxes and lunch boxes are very similar but not the same; they can make a difference in convenience, practicality and even presentation.

 Should you use a bento box for lunch box, or go with the classic lunch choice? Let's break it down so you can make the best decision for your needs.

Bento Box vs Lunch Boxes

A bento box is a traditional Japanese lunch container. It usually consists of one or more compartments and layered trays, and a lot of importance is put on the bento presentation. Bento boxes are designed to keep food neat and organised when it's time to eat.

On the other hand, a lunch box is a container most commonly used to pack away meals for school or work. They are usually made from plastic or metal and sometimes feature thermally insulated containers that keep food hot or cold. Lunch boxes come in various sizes and shapes, which can hold bento boxes, as well as sandwiches, snacks and other items.

What is the Difference?

Well, on the surface, they are both containers that can hold food. However, bento boxes are far more intricate in their design and organisation – they have several compartments, allowing you to separate different foods while keeping them tidy. One great advantage a bento offers is that you can avoid food getting squashed as each item is stored in a separate compartment.

 Lunch boxes usually don't offer this same level of organisation or convenience, as they typically just have one large compartment for food. A lunch box is more practical for those who don't need to worry about presentation and want to pack away their food quickly.

 Depending on the type you choose, both using a bento box for lunch box or a different lunch container can offer varying insulation levels. Whichever you choose really comes down to personal preference!

Which Should You Choose?

Ultimately, bento boxes for lunch box or any other lunch container you choose will depend on your needs. When deciding which is better for you, consider what you want from a lunch box, what food you'll be packing, and whether you care about the presentation.

If you want to easily separate different foods and prefer bento-style aesthetics, then bento boxes are a great choice. If you're after something simpler, lunch boxes will work too. Both bento and lunch boxes can offer convenience, practicality and insulation to make mealtime easier.

No matter if you choose a bento box for lunch box or another lunch box option - we have an incredible range of bento and lunch boxes suitable for every occasion! Browse our collection today and find the perfect container to make lunches easier, tastier, and more enjoyable.